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Reflexology E-Book by Louise Keet






This comprehensive guide aims to provide both individuals and health practitioners with invaluable knowledge in how to create the optimum body ecology to help become pregnant.

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This 60 page e-book could make a difference to your life and the lives of others around you.


For a limited time you can buy this e-book on line for £6.99 rather than the published price of £14.99.


Louise has been published by Hamlyn Books and is a specialist in empowering the individual with practical knowledge alongside the use of hand and foot reflexology techniques.


Environmental toxins

Many more women are finding it harder to become pregnant or to have a viable pregnancy. It is acknowledged that sperm counts are falling and the numbers of abnormal sperm are increasing. It is no wonder when we have so many environmental toxins around us, in our foods and packaging, on furniture, in cleaning products or things we put on our body like lead in certain brands of lipstick. We may also find the residue of HRT or the contraceptive pill in much tap water.


I often ask; 'what is the straw that breaks the camel's back for you?' Can you identify it and what healthier more positive steps you can make to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby?


Knowledge is power but the power is really in how you use the knowledge this book can provide.


This book not only can help you identify where to find and avoid environmental poisons but also a range of healthier options you can choose to help create a healthier, younger-looking and more balanced you as well as increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.



Did you know that some medications can dry up the cervical mucus and some sexual lubricants are toxic to sperm? Avoiding these can increase your chances of conceiving.



Read about how some commonly used vitamins if taken in high doses can damage sperm and some can aggravate the herpes virus. Read about the mineral deficiency that for so many couples has been a key factor in them not conceiving.



In a pre-conceptual care programme there are certain fish that you should eat more of and other types of fish you should reduce your intake of as they may cause genetic abnormalities.



For some women who have suffered from multiple miscarriage there exists a simple over-the-counter medication which when used alongside a commonly prescribed drug has helped these women give birth to a healthy baby.


Learn what tests to ask for to help in many cases to prevent miscarriage.


Protection from Super Foods

Do you know that some Super Foods that you can buy in health food stores or supermarkets can assist fertility and help reduce the symptoms of oestrogen-dominant conditions like Endometriosis or Fibroids? Learn which foods can heal your body and help create an environment to assist a successful pregnancy.


Some foods should be included in your diet daily because these foods can help rid your body of environmental toxins such as pesticides and xeno-oestrogens.


Learn how to identify and avoid many synthetic oestrogens and what food you can eat that helps to block oestrogen receptor sites in the body.


Natural Cleaning Products

Read how to create a healthy home for your family by creating some natural products for cleaning and what common plants can be used as insect repellents.

This book aims to provide you with an holistic insight and understanding of how to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby.


Become who you want to be

This book looks at helping you be who you want to be and shows you how with golden rules, essential steps in taking control of some negative situations and improving relationships.


Reflexology for Life Enhancing

Finally Reflexology has been able to help so many women to conceive successfully and give birth to a healthy baby. Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure on the reflexes on the feet or hands in order to help stimulate the body's own healing processes which can help with ovulation and conception. The techniques can give you a feeling of well-being, relaxation and balance to help you cope with everything better and more joyfully.


You will find eight colour reflexology charts in your e-book that can show you how to use this life-enhancing therapy in a preconception, pregnancy and postnatal programme to help:


  • Reflexology to assist conception

  • Reflexology to help balance blood sugar levels

  • Reflexology for detoxification of environmental toxins

  • Reflexology for relaxation

  • Reflexology to support the immune system

  • Reflexology for a natural labour

  • Reflexology to assist in post-natal recovery


It is important that we live happily. With a strong spirit of optimism, we need to be able continually to direct our minds in a bright, positive and beneficial direction and help those around us do so too.

Make a difference in your life and others and leave the world a better place than you found it.

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