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Reflexology Training

Helping you build the Business of your dreams

Business for reflexologists is a new concept that allows you to build the business of your dreams. We provide a one-stop centre for students and graduates of the school. We will help you to develop and fulfil your ambitions so you find contentment in your future.


Setting up your business

During the course at the London School of Reflexology you could have an option to gain clinical experience and when available you may choose from a range of placements. Our placements have included: NHS Hospitals, GP's practices, mental health outreach centres, local schools, Women's aid and many more.


Some of these can lead on to paid work; take Kiran for example who found a placement at her local school during the course. After three months she was offered a permanent paid job. Kiran received this offer even before she received her certificate. Rosa had presented a lucrative contract to social services two months before she finished the course.


We want you to be successful

Our philosophy takes a unique and holistic approach to the concept of success and focuses on the many different and often conflicting, areas of our lives - family, career, relationships, belief systems, material aspirations and creativity - to bring about the harmonious balance necessary to nurture success. It all starts during the course and that is because we believe in building on your unique selling points, past learning experiences and your general interests to find, develop and appeal to your target market.


We intend to motivate and focus you on generating creative ideas, business plans, logos, posters and business letters. You will learn how to increase your chances of getting NHS contracts, ways of obtaining free advertising, how to build up a client base in your area and various lucrative markets to tap into. We want you to complete the course with more than just a diploma we aim for you to have set up your business plans and made contacts before you have completed the course.


We have been able to refer work to our graduates which helps build up a client base. Our contacts in the field of business have included health and beauty establishments, health clubs, spas, hotels, NHS as well as corporate and private clients. Our service also includes help and advice on putting together your CV, covering letters to send out to business and corporate clients, identifying areas of free advertising, helping create your poster and leaflet, developing promotional material, producing your reflexology logo, how to target your mail shots, how to compile a mailing list of potential clients in your area and where to get free business cards and other stationary.

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