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Spinal Reflexology




This year’s course will include treatments for Long Covid.

Our next course will be held by Louise Keet, author of the Reflexology Bible and Hand Reflexology, live on Zoom on:  Thursday 21st December or Saturday 6th April

9.30 am - 3.45 pm  |  Cost: £125

This powerful form of reflexology is based on stimulating the spinal nerve root reflexes on the feet. You will be taught techniques to energize effectively each individual vertebra and this will help to identify nerve roots out of balance. A nerve root exits through the vertebrae to reach specific organs and muscles. By using spinal reflexology you will learn to recognize the organs in the body that are not functioning correctly. Often, clients will feel sensitivity in the spine but have no association with back problems; spinal reflexology can help identify what reflexes are really out of balance. Conversely, back problems can inhibit the proper functioning of the organs if nerve roots are compressed. With spinal reflexology you can work on the spinal reflexes and help to correct imbalances in parts, organs and systems of the body. You will learn a new original and very effective way of treating your clients.


You will be able to work the spine and recognise which specific organs of the body are not functioning effectively for your client. The course will help you understand the spine and its functions better and recognise why clients often have such sensitive reactions when treating the spinal column.


We will perfect your techniques for the spine and you will learn how to stimulate each vertebra to an advanced level with new confidence.


Did you realize you can identify and help adrenal overload or depression through spinal reflex Thoracic nine? Thoracic nine is the nerve root that is associated with the adrenal glands. By working on the adrenal reflexes and Thoracic nine you can create a far more effective treatment and have a better outcome for your client.


You can use Spinal Reflexology to help fertility issues by working the nerve root from Lumbar 3 which innervates the reproductive system.


This fascinating and unique practical day course will enable you to treat the internal organs of the body by accessing them through the spinal reflexes.


Often a client's condition can take many treatments to achieve positive results with Reflexology. Spinal reflexology can help treat the direct reflex as well as understand how to access the peripheral nerves to a specific organ or part of the body and help support a more effective response to the treatment.

Additionally, you can identify problem areas in the body just by working the associated spinal nerve roots.


During the course you will discover how to treat a range of disorders from inner ear conditions to gall stones or hypothyroidism by stimulating the spinal nerves that control these organs. This will give you a new dimension to your treatments.

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