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We are the only reflexology school that has an employment agency that can offer you work as a reflexologist after you have graduated with us. Our agency is called the Reflexology Agency and found at


Reflexology Training

"There is a place where everything is possible and we can work towards
a great future. We must believe in our goals and rise above the past.
The more we achieve the further we have flown."

Phoenix Bergman

We can provide body and mind therapies to companies and large city corporations and we are great to work with because we look after our therapists. This unique service is available to our graduates because we know that for many of you this is not just a course it is a new career with new opportunities to change your current work situation.


It is important to have more than a certificate at the end of your training and we can offer the practical support in finding you work.


Your course includes a business skills element and you will attend a very comprehensive marketing day as part of your course. This day covers business skills, how to create marketing material, how to formulate a business plan, advantages and disadvantages of different working practices, free and cost effective ways of creating and developing a client base, identifying your unique selling points and how to start your business and have a successful career as a reflexologist. You should have cost effective promotional material organised at the end of the day which can help you develop your client base.


Recent surveys have shown that over 40% of the population in the UK use complementary treatments for their health, and Reflexology is high on the list. Reflexology treatments are often paid for by insurance companies and being offered within hospitals and GP's surgeries, in hotels, spas, health clubs, retreats, beauty parlours, complementary health clinics and a wide variety of businesses.


We will help you identify the direction you would like reflexology to take you and help and support you as much as we can both during and after the course. Our aim is to help you find work; establish links with spas, hospitals, charities, businesses, clinics, hotels and hospitals.

We aim to work with you to help you achieve your goals

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