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Power Reflexology




This year’s course will include treatments for Long Covid.

Our next course will be held by Louise Keet live on Zoom on: Friday 7th June 2024

9.30 am - 3.45 pm  |  Cost: £125

This refreshingly new practical one day course is aimed at developing and adding to your skills as well as refining and inspiring your practice. We hope the skills you learn with us will help increase your client base and get better treatment results.


There are two elements to the day and the first of these will teach you how to develop holistic and effective 20 minute treatments to be used in corporate environments, mother toddler groups, PR events, NHS, fates and exhibitions. Your learning will be supported by a booklet with key reflexes out of balance with common ailments to help you easily structure your Holistic Power Reflexology treatments specifically to your client's needs. You will be given clear protocols in how to make the most of your clients time and not to run over 30 minute. Corporate companies as well as the NHS are attracted to cost effective treatments which will make Reflexology a worthwhile expense for them.


This element of the day teaches you how to maximize your time to give a maximum of 14 treatments in a day so you can use Power reflexology to successfully build up your business within the corporate market.


We will introduce you to new techniques and preventing damage to your hands. These skills will allow you to develop precision, increase pressure whilst preventing damage to your thumbs and hands. You can learn advanced techniques including how to use different digits during your treatment as well as the knuckles to stimulate reflexes for a more defined response to symptom patterns.


In the afternoon of this practical day we  will focus on an original system of treating a client by using the chakras, endocrine and nervous system to help unblock body armour that has developed as a result of trauma or unfulfilled desire. This new way of treating clients and can have a positive impact in helping them move on in their physical or emotional recovery process. I am sure you have noticed that some clients form a kind of armour to protect themselves, not only from the blows of the outside world, but also from their own desires and instincts. Sometimes unless this armour is unblocked on a deep energetic level it can manifest into illnesses or give rise to weaknesses.


This element of the day teaches you how to use Power Reflexology with a variety of skills, techniques and a new method of working to help your client on a physical, emotional and energetic level.


Power Reflexology is approved and recommended by the Association of Reflexologists and at the end of this skills day you will be awarded with a Diploma in Power Reflexology and gain 14 CPD points.


The course is taught by Louise Keet author of the Reflexology Bible and Hand Reflexology.

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