Reflexology Training

In addition to learning the most advanced and effective Reflexology techniques, you will develop a broad base of knowledge to strengthen your practice.


  • The history and principles of Reflexology

  • Zone therapy, cross reflexes and reading Reflexology charts

  • Common foot conditions

  • Understanding the feet

  • Contra-indications and ways of adapting the treatment to suit your clients' conditions

  • Controlling reactions to the Reflexology treatment

  • Reflexes that are out of balance with common complaints

  • Establishing reasons and outcomes to treatments

  • Adapting treatments

  • Specialist skills and techniques

  • Living anatomy and the physiological response to stress

  • Anatomy and applied physiology

  • Cells and skin

  • Skeletal and Muscular system

  • Endocrine system

  • Nervous system

  • Respiratory system

  • Cardio-vascular system

  • Genito/urinary systems

  • Digestive system

  • Lymphatic and immune responses

  • The life cycle

  • The reproductive systems

  • Systems of the human body and common disorders

  • The holistic approach to health and effective holistic client evaluation

  • Lifestyles and their influence on disease

  • Reflexology, stress management and deep relaxation techniques

  • Hand Reflexology

  • Client retention

  • Understanding energy pathways and healing

  • Other complementary therapies

  • Observational skills

  • Consultation skills and taking effective case histories

  • Client treatment plans and meeting your clients' needs

  • Essential counselling skills

  • Understanding professional and personal boundaries

  • Self - development

  • Clinical nutrition and foods to help with common conditions

  • Professional ethics, and hygiene

  • Practice management skills

  • Cost effective and free advertising

  • Setting up practice and various places for work

  • Poster, logo, branding, advertising and leaflet design

  • Basic bookkeeping

  • Giving talks on reflexology, setting up exhibitions, obtaining free publicity

  • Working with GP's, NHS Trusts, complementary health practices, hotels and spa's

  • Reflexology with mental health, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and vulnerable clients

  • Employment available to Reflexologists and career advice

Our QCF ITEC and Awarding Body Consortium Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology is a vocational qualification held at Regents University, Regents Park, London NW1.




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