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Continued Professional



Our Continued Professional Development courses are approved by the Association of Reflexologists and the other leading Complementary Health Associations and carry approved CPD points.

All our courses have been developed to increase your business as well as help you get better results with your reflexology and cost approximately £95 each.


We offer a range of thought-provoking and exciting certificated Continuing Professional Development courses including Conception, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care, Indian Head Massage, Power Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Spinal Reflexology, Advanced Face Lift Massage and Hand Reflexology.


As a complementary health practitioner is it important to keep up to date with new skills, techniques to get better results and be inspired with new ideas to increase your client base. We have developed a range of original stimulating courses that improve the way we use reflexology on the mind, body and spirit.


Our Pre-conception and Pregnancy Reflexology course teaches you how to support your client on her journey to motherhood. You will learn what can potentially cause chromosomal abnormalities and how to help a client make healthier diet and lifestyle choices to help achieve a viable pregnancy. We look at causes for miscarriage and what a client can do to increase her chances of having a healthy baby. Our reflexology skills include boosting ovulation, pregnancy related problems and natural labour.  

Advanced Spinal Reflexology addresses problems related to the spine and the associated problems due to compression of spinal nerve roots. Many of us are aware that whiplash can cause referred pain to the hand due to compression

of the nerve roots and this can apply to any organ or part of the body. For example compression of the nerve root L3 which innervates the reproductive organs can be associated to infertility. You will learn a new sequence and skill set to treat a client effectively through spinal nerve roots.


Our entire specialist CPD courses help develop a new approach to your treatments to give you the professional edge as a reflexologist.

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