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Reflexology Press Articles

"Louise Keet is Britain's leading Reflexology practitioner"

The Mail on Sunday


Louise Keet featured in Woman's Own as an expert on Reflexology. Louise teaches the sessions so you can learn directly from her.


"The Reflexology Bible is exactly what is says a definitive guide to reminds me of your favourite cook book you want to use over and over again .. so recommend buying"

Reflexions The journal of the Association of Reflexologists



"The Reflexology Bible is a great book, because it addresses the process holistically" Harmonious Living October 2008


"... this is the only guide to reflexology you'll ever need" Reflexology Reporter


"With a broad perspective on a person's overall wellness, Keet ensured to include in The Reflexology Bible a complete section on diet and lifestyle approaches that can significantly improve one's overall health."
Circles of Light  January 2012

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