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Reflexology Bible




Published by Godsfield Press

Louise was asked by Hamlyn Press, to write an ultimate guide to Reflexology that would appeal to the general public as well as students who are studying reflexology.

The Reflexology Bible is used all around the world as a text book to help students complement their learning in Reflexology. However, one of the main reasons that Louise wanted to write this book was to give the opportunity to introduce reflexology to people who did not have the means or opportunity to learn this incredible therapy. Louise wanted to create easy to understand Reflexology techniques and sequences that anyone can apply to help with a range of common ailments.

Reflexology is a safe, gentle therapy that boosts the body's healing systems and helps combat stress. The Reflexology Bible is a comprehensive book that contains everything you will need to know about the subject as well as looking at diseases holistically. Understanding how the body communicates with us is the first step in identifying underlying causes of the symptoms we suffer from. Treating from a holistic point of view the book shows you the best ways to use reflexology to help initiate the body's own healing mechanisms and have unbelievable results using reflexology.

The book contains fascinating facts on how reflexology works, zone maps of the hands and feet, lifestyle suggestions on how to create a healthier and happier you, techniques for working the reflex points, reading the reflexes on the feet and hands, creating your own reflexology powder and foot baths to specifically help common ailments, advice on how to prepare for a reflexology session, concluding treatments and a step-by-step routine to treat the whole body.

There are complete reflexology sequences for treating reflexes on the feet and hands. There is a detailed directory providing instructions to relieve common ailments, from digestive problems to skin complaints, along with specialised treatments to suit children, pregnancy, couples and the elderly, this is the only guide to reflexology you'll ever need.

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