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Pregnancy Reflexology



Our next course will be held by Louise Keet, author of the Reflexology Bible and Hand Reflexology and Hand Reflexology, live on Zoom on:  Tuesday 23rd July

9.30 am - 3.40 pm  |  Cost: £125

This valuable course will teach you how to use Reflexology and the holistic approach to health to create a pre-conception programme to help your client become pregnant. Additionally you will learn skills and techniques to help support your client through her pregnancy and help with a natural labour.


The course is designed to give you an insight into female and male fertility issues identifying some causes of miscarriage in pregnancy. You will be taught how to use holistic Reflexology to help achieve and support a viable pregnancy. You will learn how to use Reflexology to help stimulate ovulation, reduce pregnancy-associated problems and help bring about a natural labour. This practical element of the course will show you a range of powerful Reflexology techniques which have had successful results.

Our Pregnancy Reflexology courses are about empowering you and your client through the knowledge and skills you will learn.


We will address the issues of creating healthy sperm and ova through balanced nutrition and by focusing on eliminating environmental toxins and minimising the risks on the body. The course will look at body ecology and how to best create optimum body ecology to achieve a healthy pregnancy. You will also learn about certain foods that will increase your chances of a viable pregnancy.

The course helps you to think holistically and creatively and gives you the information to help your client make educated lifestyle choices for herself.


Some of the information you will learn:


Did you know that anti-histamines dry up the mucus all over your body?
This would impact of the quality of cervical mucus during the time of ovulation and decrease the chances of becoming pregnant. Imagine if the mucus dries up in your body, just how  it is going to effect the movement of sperm and make it very hard for them to reach and fertilize the egg.


You need to be able to fight infections to create a healthy environment to nurture a baby.
Sugar can reduce your ability to fight infection by 50% and most concentrated forms of sugar are vitamin- and nutrient-free. Your body should be healthy to maintain a viable pregnancy; if it is not you may increase your risk of miscarriage. A bar of chocolate probably contains hydrogenated fats; these can stop the body making good use of the essential fats that you require in order to become pregnant. All sugars cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels which can disrupt the balance of the hormones, potentially making it harder to become pregnant.


Did you know that commercial lubricants can cause infertility?
Chemicals in commercial lubricants can kill sperm and affect sperm motility by 60-100%. They should be avoided to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.


The course will show you an overview of the endocrine and reproductive systems and look at positive steps to balance the hormones and increase sperm count. We will look at ways to reduce the impact of synthetic oestrogens on the body; this can help with fertility as well as any oestrogen-dominant conditions like fibroids or endometriosis.


After the birth is an important time to re-balance the hormones to avoid post-natal depression. You will learn how Reflexology can help assist the metabolism to work more efficiently. Reflexology can even help to stimulate breast milk and uterine contractions which can help get your client's figure back.

The techniques you will learn will mainly be on the feet. You will also be taught simple Hand Reflexology points to give to your clients so that they can help themselves. The techniques on the hand are based on the revised sequences in my book Hand Reflexology published by Hamlyn.


The course is open to qualified Reflexologists. There is no examination for this course. Places are limited. If you wish to book a place on the course send in the course booking form below along with your course fee and you will receive confirmation by email.


On completion of the course you will be awarded with a London School of Reflexology certificate in Reflexology in Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

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