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Hand Reflexology




This year’s course will include treatments for Long Covid.

Our popular Hand Reflexology course is back.


Our next courses will be held on Zoom on Wednesday 20th December or Thursday 7th March
taught live by Louise Keet


9.30 am - 3.45 pm  |  Cost:  £120

This course is taught by Louise Keet who has written The Reflexology Bible and Hand Reflexology.


I have developed an Advanced Hand Reflexology course that I will teach on line because now more than ever Hand Reflexology will become an important part of your skills as the Hand is closer to the CNS and can have very relaxing effects quickly on a client. You can teach your family small sequences and support your clients over zoom with short sequences in-between sessions to develop your unique selling points.


This is a specialist Hand Reflexology certificated course. You will learn a complete sequence on the Hand and how to develop skills and techniques in this very popular form of reflexology. You do not need to have anyone else present to do the course. Additionally, you are not required to complete any work for this course to receive your certificate in Advanced Reflexology which will be emailed to you after the day.


Hand reflexology complements foot reflexology to help develop unique selling points as well as being a popular standalone treatment.  Hand reflexology is self-empowering as you can use this form of reflexology on yourself. A skill that is attractive and beneficial to the elderly, children, hospices, corporate clients, mother toddler groups, public relation company events, perfect for talks demonstrations and introductions to reflexology.


The day is taught by Louise Keet and supported with handouts including images of the reflexology points, clear instructions of the sequence, nail diseases and treatment paperwork.


You will have 2 slow guided supervised practices of all the points on the hand where Louise will use the zoom close up features to ensure you are working to access the points accurately. You will also be taught; how to create mini hand reflexology sequences to add to the end and complement your foot reflexology treatment, common pathologies of the fingernails, making your services appealing and questions will end this informative and interactive day.


Hand reflexology is a very relaxing treatment to experience and has been used successfully to treat a range of stress related conditions from insomnia to depression. Having excellent results for clients, the hands are closer to the heart and central nervous system and often having a more immediate relaxing effect for the client. Hand reflexology is also a helpful technique to show clients as aftercare advice because the hand reflexes are more accessible to work on in between treatments and can empower the client in their journey to better health. Potential clients that may benefit from hand reflexology include clients suffering from: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, frozen shoulder, stress and anxiety or panic attacks, repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. We will look at how to use Hand Reflexology to build up a client base and how to use it with corporate clients at desks. . Combining Bergman Facial Reflexology, foot and hand Reflexology has been successful in building client bases to offer a more effective indulgence treatment. Many successful therapists offer this combination in a 90 minute Tone Zone treatment.

On completion of the day you will be awarded a certificate in Advanced Hand Reflexology  .

Places are limited and are on a first come basis.

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